Productivity Coaching

Sherry Laporte, Productivity Coach

Productivity Coaching is a customized system of learning and building a real estate business at KW Integrity Realty.  This could be as a new single agent, or to take an experienced agent to a higher level of production.  

A new agent would begin almost immediately after licensing with Productivity Coaching and meet with the Coach on a weekly one-on-one basis to help the agent to become familiar with all the basic tools they’ll need to build their business.  We’ll work on habits, mindset, conduct a DISC Assessment, time-blocking and teach you about our “Kellerisms” and Command.   Also, from the beginning, you have access to our Group Coaching sessions on Tuesday Mornings – either Advanced or Basic.

After feeling ready, you will move to group coaching as you get into production (working with buyers or sellers).  If the agent is in production, the one-on-one coaching will continue on a weekly basis.   Because people are different, the time to get into production will also vary.

The customization comes from the personal goals of the agent.   Some want to grow a team, while others may only want a part-time business to work along with a full-time job.  You decide.

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