Productivity Coaching

Alexandra Walker, Productivity Coach

Productivity Coaching is a customized system of learning and building a real estate business at KW Integrity Realty. This could be as a new single agent, or to take an experienced agent to a higher level of production. The Productivity Coaching Program is the vehicle that helps our agents bridge the divide between understanding what it takes to succeed in real estate and actually executing it. Our mission is to empower you to build a successful business through guidance, support, training, and accountability.

A new agent would begin almost immediately, after licensing, with Productivity Coaching and meet with the Coach for a one-on-one needs analysis and goal setting session, this is all about what you want for your life and business and the main objective of the coach is to guide you to achieve that. You will meet with the Coach on a quarterly basis to review your goals and production and to re-adjust, where necessary. 

The customization piece of the program comes from each agents personal goals and the fact that you will have access to your coaches direct line for the moments you need immediate guidance. Your coach will also be responsible to review your first 3 buyer and first 3 listing transactions, at minimum. 

You will also have access to Group Coaching Sessions – either advanced or fundamental, depending on what stage you’re at. Your Coach will utilize the tools, systems and techniques they’ve adopted from Keller Williams into their own real estate business to teach. This means you will see first hand the activities of an agent and how to execute them. Our group sessions are on a wide variety of topics from: ’Webforms & DocuSign’,  ‘How to Win in Multiple Offers’, to ‘Understanding the Market’ & ‘Mindset’. We encourage you to request sessions you want to learn about as well.The second part of the Group Coaching is our weekly Power Hour Sessions where we engage in activities like: Script Training, Role Playing & Lead Generation!

Once you are in production, actively working with clients and closing transactions, there will be an opportunity for further individualized coaching where we meet regularly to dive deeper into your goals, daily activities and strategies to achieve consistent growth and success. We are here to help you build a LIFE BY DESIGN, let’s get started!